Senior Health Benefits of Painting and Drawing

Inactivity and idleness can breed negativity, especially in seniors. It is strongly encouraged that seniors take part in regular activities to keep themselves busy and active. Drawing and painting, for instance, are great ways to occupy time this and improve upon new skills. Here are some benefits to drawing and painting for seniors:


Staying active can help address chronic pain and even help arthritis. Using one’s hands repeatedly doing activities such as this can improve motor function. Finding ways to fill time can take one’s mind off of pain. Drawing and painting can even enhance dexterity and muscle strength. This activity doesn’t require tremendous strength and participating in it repeatedly can yield positive results.


One of the most important benefits of drawing and painting is to one’s mental and emotional health. Learning and practicing how to draw or paint can help improve cognitive functioning and overall thought processing. Drawing and painting has always been a form of self-expression and critical thinking, which is vital for seniors to maintain and improve mental health. In addition, these activities can help improve overall mood. Studies show that drawing and painting may help prevent certain conditions such as depression or anxiety, especially as one starts to get older.

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