Legoland & Glen Arden - Orange County, NY Retirement Community Activities

FROM: Glen Arden Retirement Community
DATE: August 16, 2018

Glen Arden and LEGOLAND New York Resort Are Good Neighbors

Goshen, NY – Orange County’s premiere retirement community, Glen Arden, and their residents were enlightened by the progress and future plans of LEGOLAND theme park. Development Director, Phil Royle, of LEGOLAND located in New York’s Hudson Valley, engaged residents in an interactive presentation that provided detailed updates on the theme park’s progress and informative responses to residents questions and inquiries.

Glen Arden residents were interested in learning more about traffic patterns, construction, planting and removal of trees, hours of operation, educational programs, and even employment opportunities. Retired teachers in the audience were very attentive towards the educational components and how LEGOLAND makes learning fun. “It was exciting to hear that the aquarium would be open all year to allow children to have a learning experience throughout all seasons”, said Mary Jane Sorrell, Glen Arden resident and retired teacher.

Residents left feeling good about the upcoming theme park and the positive impact it will have on their lives here. Jim P., Glen Arden resident stated, “I’m excited about the park and only see positive happenings in our future.”

Grandparents at Glen Arden are looking forward to their grandchildren having access to this unique learning park. Glen Arden residents already reside in a unique lifestyle community and now grandparents and grandchildren alike will have side-by-side adventures.

Glen Arden, Orange County’s Premiere Continuing Care Retirement Community, offers seniors 62 and older the perfect combination – independence with the assurance of quality health care, if it’s ever needed. Located in beautiful and historic Goshen, N.Y., Glen Arden offers housing choices for an active lifestyle and support services to help residents live comfortably and independently.
For more information on LEGOLAND New York Resort, Glen Arden, Inc., or to learn more about their services, please visit their website at, or call their office 845.360.1443.

In the picture from left to right: Phil Royle, Development Director, Mary Jane Sorrell, Glen Arden resident and retired teacher, Hayley Coriaty, Community Relations Team Leader and Mark Germyn, Divisional Director