Rehabilitation is the act of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy. At Glen Arden, we provide in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation services to those who are in recovery from an illness or injury. Our medical staff is trained in multiple therapies to provide our residents with the skills and tools they need to heal. These therapies include:

  • Physical Therapy – This form of therapy exists to help ease pain, improve bodily function, improve movement, and overall life better.
  • Occupational Therapy – This therapy helps people to restore their independence and increase their ability to perform daily tasks.
  • Speech Therapy – This therapy helps to improve speech and cognitive abilities as well as enhances memory retention and swallowing.

Glen Arden offers skilled rehabilitation services 6 days a week by licensed physical, occupational, speech therapists. Each resident will receive up to 3 hours a day of therapy in order to restore their function and return to their home environment.

To learn more about the rehabilitation services offered at Glen Arden please call 845-360-1448 or click here to contact us.