Senior Living Community in Orange County, NY

Here are some important health benefits of moving to a senior living community as you age.

  1. Improved Nutrition

In-house chefs prepare healthy, nutritious meals three times a day. Residents can look forward to having friends to dine with, making mealtime a social event.

  1. Mentally and Physically Engaging Activities

Activities take place every day that engage the body, mind, and spirit. Residents can participate in a range of activities including book clubs, art, dancing and fitness classes.

  1. Health and Wellness

Health and wellness programs allow residents the opportunity to participate in yoga, meditation, strength training or talk with a healthcare professional about living their individual needs.

  1. Socializing and Companionship

Sharing the events of the day with others can have a meaningful impact on a senior’s mental and emotional state of being. The conversations and gatherings that happen every day give residents the opportunity to build their circle of friends and find like-minded companions with whom to spend time.

  1. Physical Safety

Living alone presents significant risks as we age. Most senior living communities keep residents safe through the installation of hardware including emergency call systems, proper lighting, and grab bars in bathrooms.

  1. Lower Stress

Living alone in an older single-family home requires upkeep, which can be stressful or even impossible for some. Even with housekeeping and maintenance help, keeping on top of cleaning, repairs and maintenance is challenging. Moving to a senior living residence alleviates the pressure of housekeeping responsibilities which can decrease a senior’s stress, improving their quality of life.