Life Plan Contract Orange County

As we get older, assurance and security will carry far more importance than when we were younger. Advancing in age comes with a new set of unknowns, sometimes life changing on a dime without warning. Many seniors choose to have a plan in place to provide for their needs while also maintaining independence. Finding a balance between security and independence can be achieved through a Lifecare plan. Plans like these, included at Glen Arden, provide both independent living and peace of mind for countless people and their families.

Life Care Plan Contract
A contract for Lifecare is setting up a special level of care in a warm and welcoming community, at fixed and predictable costs. It offers residency at a well-established community like Glen Arden, whose goal is to provide comfort and quality care for anyone and everyone. A Lifecare plan comes with a beautifully renovated apartment with all the services, amenities and the safeguard of long-term care at no additional costs. While at the same time, assuring asset protection while receiving additional care when and if needed.

Glen Arden’s Lifecare plan promises asset protection so that earned income and assets are secured. Increasing costs for long term care across the country will not affect those with a Lifecare contract. Having this contract and living in a Life Plan Community, also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) would entitle you for tax deductions offering even more savings. Should a resident, or if you’re a couple, if one of you ever needs a higher level of care whether it is temporary or permanent, even if you take up two apartments, you will not pay any additional fees. All of this promotes peace of mind that residents and their families can enjoy for both the present and the future.

Glen Arden, a Life Plan Community, features Lifecare as well as a choice in contract types to fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget even those who have long-term care insurance policies. A wide assortment of living spaces and amenities designed to keep seniors independent longer while providing comfort, opportunities for relaxation, growth and life-long learning with a sense of independence and productivity are available. Check out more of our information online or call us at 845-360-1400 today!