Independent Senior Living in Orange County, NY

Apple picking and winery visits are a hot commodity here in Orange County, NY. The Fall is the perfect time to embark on apple picking adventures and winery visits! They’re not only good for us but they bring a unique joy to us and to those around us.

Break from Technology
Once in a while, we need to get away from our phones, computers and technological devices. Spending the day at an orchard or winery with friends or family is the perfect activity our minds crave. Although we might snap a picture or two of us picking an apple or sipping our wine, a break from technology enhances the experience and can be good for us. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes outside per week can reduce the rate of depression & high blood pressure by 7-9%.

Apples, Wine & More!
When visiting an orchard or winery, one is bound to stumble upon more than just apples and wine. Many of these farms have homemade jams, salsas, apple pie, or a popular favorite…apple cider donuts! You might even run into farm animals roaming around or a petting zoo. The best thing about visiting is feeling the authentic vibes of the season and leaving happier than when you arrived.

Seasonal Wardrobe Change
That’s right. Sweater weather. In addition to the break from technology and the web, the best addition to all of those perks is a comfortable sweater to spend the day in. Feeling warm, cozy and ready to conquer the day are just some of the benefits of the seasonal wardrobe change.