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Some things you may do to keep yourself healthy could be going for a walk every day or making sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables. Although these things are important ways to stay healthy, one thing we tend to forget about is building and maintaining healthy relationships. When first moving into a new community, it could be intimidating to put yourself out there to meet other people, however, doing so can be greatly beneficial to your health.

Good for the Soul

Interacting with others can help one live a more mentally positive life and keep their health in good shape. According to MyLifeSite, fewer of today’s seniors attend religious services or are members of other social-type organizations or clubs, which can make their potential network of people smaller. Some seniors may either have no adult children or if they do, they may not live in the area, which is also detrimental in getting the right amount of socialization. Given these scenarios, it is more important than ever that seniors get involved in their communities to make the connections they need for healthy living.

How Can I Make New Connections?

  • Volunteering: Volunteering is a great way to help your community while also making positive connections with the people in it.
  • Take a Class: Taking a class can allow you to enjoy something you love or try something new while meeting new people. You can find classes in your community by searching online or looking at activity postings in a central community building.
  • Get Moving: You can join a fitness center or any activity that can get you moving around. Some health care plans include a fitness membership where you can take different classes designed for seniors. If the gym isn’t for you, some groups you can join are a bowling league, a golf group, or a dance class.
  • Social Media: Facebook is a great way to get in touch with old friends that you may not have seen in a while whom have moved away. The power of the internet has given us the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time, so the possibilities are endless.

Friendships are important at any age and keeping socialization in your schedule can keep your mind, body and spirit in working order. Socialization makes for a healthy retirement and allows you to live your life longer and happier.

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