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Gardening allows people of all ages to get outside, get their hands dirty, and stay active.  Gardening is a way to create a form of living art right on your own property that you can be proud of. For senior citizens, there are additional benefits that stem from gardening than just the ones listed above. Although there may be some senior citizens with health restrictions that believe they cannot participate in this activity, what they may not know is that the activity can be flexible and changes can be made to allow everyone to participate.

What are the Benefits?

Gardening can involve many activities that include digging, planting, watering, harvesting, and more. The great thing about gardening is that adjustments can be made to the tools and equipment to help reduce the physical stress on one’s body depending on their level of mobility. There are many benefits associated with gardening, and some of them are listed below.

  • It is a pleasant form of exercise
  • It can increase physical activity and help maintain mobility and flexibility
  • It can improve strength and stamina
  • It helps to reduce stress and supports relaxation
  • It can encourage social interaction
  • It gives seniors a reason to get outside in the sunshine
  • Allows the opportunity to learn a new trade

Gardening can stimulate all of the senses and can be an easy aerobic workout for senior citizens. Gardening is one of the many activities at Glen Arden that our residents love to participate in. To learn more about the activities at Glen Arden, visit our website.

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