It’s that time of year again and every aspect of it is unavoidable. A good old fashion Northeast winter is upon us and preparing for it is all we can do. Winter affects everyone differently and seniors have their own unique challenges to endure throughout the winter months. Whether you love or despise winter, taking the necessary precautions will help you stay safe!

Slippery ice!

Falls are a common occurrence for seniors and ice doesn’t help. Avoiding ice is difficult because you may not realize you’re on it until its too late. Unfortunately, as a senior, you may not recover as fast from a fall than you used to. Avoiding a fall is the main goal so you don’t need to worry about recovery in the first place. Wearing the proper shoes with non-slip soles and good traction will help you trek through the winter days. If you have a cane or walker, replacing the rubber ends with new grips can make a big difference. Once you get inside make sure you take your shoes off on a matt so a puddle doesn’t form on the floor, giving you another slipping hazard.

Stay extra warm

With the freezing cold temperatures, hypothermia is a possibility. This happens when your body is losing heat faster than it can produce it. As we get older our bodies aren’t as efficient with keeping us warm and it’s important to dress properly to stay safe. According to the CDC, more than half of Hypothermia-related deaths were of people over the age of 65. Keeping your house warm and layering up when going outside is a must this winter. If you find yourself outside for a long period of time, make an effort to get inside until you feel warmed up.

Driving this winter

Driving in the winter can be a hazard for anyone. It’s especially dangerous if your car isn’t up to date with maintenance. If your older and not driving as much anymore it may be difficult to know if your car is having any problems. Proper tires and tire pressure is key to keeping you safe in poor road conditions. Another thing to check up on is your battery. You don’t want to be stranded in the cold with the chance of hypothermia while waiting for someone to help you start your vehicle.

Are you prepared?

There’s still time! Go out and make sure you are as prepared as ever this winter. The more ready you are, the safer you will be. Enjoying the holidays is no fun with an injury, so stay safe out there!


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