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Maintaining independence as we grow older is how we stay vital and energized. This is especially the case for those who reside at Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). like Glen Arden. The benefits of keeping one’s independence is vital to older people and easier to achieve in a Life Plan Community like Glen Arden because you have a plan in place to handle the “what ifs” in your life. Here are some benefits you are able to achieve.

Fitness and Wellness
Those who are independent with their care needs have more options to maintain their health and wellness. CCRCs like Glen Arden provide a number of fitness facilities, classes, and sports for those who are into athletics. Utilizing these and more can not only help with physical health, but also mental health. Live your life with friends and neighbors around you who are in a similar phase of life.

Social Circles
Lifecare communities like ours actively encourage people to talk to one another and make lasting relationships. Those who are in independent living, have more of an opportunity to make friends with mutual hobbies, interests, and activities. Maintaining one’s social life is critical as social circles tend to shrink as life goes on.

Personalized Room
Residents in independent living communities have the option of choosing a living space that caters to their preferences. We have an array of floor plans to choose from. All apartments are easy to access and can have multiple bedrooms. Finishes are of high quality and include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, laminate floors and much more.

Glen Arden, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, features a wide assortment of living spaces and amenities dedicated to providing comfort and a sense of independence. Check out more of our information online or call us at 845-360-1400 today!