When it comes to playing sports, age and ability often come into play. This typically means that when it comes to faster pace or high impact sports, the younger you are the better off you are. Your body can recover faster and take more abuse when you are young, its just how it is. Just because you aren’t as young as you used to be doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sports anymore. Golf has been the sport of choice for the retired for years and there are plenty of reasons why this is. Due to the slower pace of the game and the peaceful more quiet aspect, elderly people prefer golf as it suits their current lifestyle. Along with enjoying the nature of the game, there are also health benefits that come with it as well. Many of these benefits would be great for a person of any age but are especially helpful and important to senior care.

What sort of health benefits can you receive from playing golf?

Heart health is definitely something to keep an eye on as you age. Luckily, if you decide to golf regularly, your chances of things like having a stroke, high cholesterol, and diabetes are reduced drastically. The physical exercise you receive from walking, carrying your bag, and swinging all increase your heart rate, which gets your blood pumping and your body working.

Reducing stress is also a benefit…everyone can use a little bit of that. If you don’t let the game get to your head, you’ll enjoy being out in the fresh air and socializing with others. This makes people feel more relaxed which releases endorphins acting as a natural mood booster.

Playing golf has also resulted in living longer, yes, all from playing a game and having fun! Being physically active is no secret in maintaining your body and you get plenty by golfing regularly. As we grow older we do fewer activities but stopping everything all together is where people make a mistake. Regular activity will keep your body stronger and keep you feeling younger.


It’s highly recommended to take some basic golf lessons if you’ve never picked up a club before. Doing this will get you started with the fundamentals and help give you a gauge as to where you are skill wise.

Lessons will also show you the proper technique for swinging the club. Improper technique can cause injury and you definitely want to avoid that!