Exploring a new hobby or activity to try later in life may be difficult to discover. As we get older, the things we do and are able to do can seem like they’re dwindling away. While hobbies like sailing or mountain climbing might not be ideal for someone in their eighties. One of the joys of aging is finding new interests to explore. A hobby many seniors enjoy delving into is gardening. Here are a few perks for seniors who garden on a regular basis:

Staying Active

Gardening is an amazing way to stay active as it encourages movement in muscles and joints. A study confirms that participating in this activity for 30 minutes fulfills the recommended physical exercise for seniors. Glen Arden, an independent living community, gives residents the ability to be able to participate in gardening while enjoying the amenities of a continuing care retirement community.

Mental Stimulation

Keeping one’s mind busy is paramount for seniors. Communities like Glen Arden help to keep residents engaged with fun and active programs like gardening. Several cognitive functions are complimented with this activity, improving everything from motor function to problem solving.

Sense of Community

Social connections are important, especially for the elderly who may be more isolated. Independent living communities like Glen Arden strive to bring residents together to build lasting relationships with one another. Community gardening can provide a common space for everyone to socialize and enjoy together. Cultivating social relationships amongst seniors can bring huge benefits to one’s physical and mental health, which is why these types of activities remain a priority at Glen Arden.

Glen Arden, a continuing care retirement community, offers activities like gardening plus more to keep residents active and engaged. Learn more about Glen Arden online or call us at 845-360-1400 today!