Senior Retirement Community Orange County, NY

Some of you may have noticed the trees that line the entrance to Glen Arden have been adorned with blue ribbons this past week by Ro our talented and innovative Activities Director.

This latest “Blue” version of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round an Old Oak Tree”, was inspired by Jamie Egan, an Army Ranger from Glen Ridge NJ who served two tours in Iraq. He wanted to show appreciation and gratitude to the Heroes of Healthcare for their selfless commitment and willingness to put themselves in harms way to serve and save the lives of so many. He started the movement of tying a blue ribbon (the color of scrubs) around a tree, any tree, in Bergen County NJ with the hope of seeing it go national. In the case of Glen Arden, Flowering Pear and Crabapple trees have become our visual reminder.

The original song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round an Old Oak Tree”, by Tony Orlando and Dawn (1973) was to honor troops and people who were away from home or being held hostage. This was especially significant during the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979 and has since become symbolic in the UK and USA as a general representation of support for soldiers fighting abroad.

What could be more appropriate then to “Tie a Blue Ribbon Round a Tree, any Tree” to honor those Healthcare Workers who are the brave soldiers fighting to protect all of us against a particularly egregious, invisible and silent enemy…. COVID – 19. They truly are our heroes!!

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