Couple celebrates diamond anniversary celebration

GOSHEN, N.Y. (March 29, 2018) – On Wednesday, March 28, Glen Arden residents Marty and Esther Schwager celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. The couple has resided at Glen Arden since 2011.

“It was an honor to celebrate this wonderful milestone with a couple like Marty and Esther,” said Lois DiStefano, Glen Arden’s Director of Sales. “The Schwagers’ relationship and the family they have raised are beautiful examples of what a life built on unconditional love can bring.”

Marty and Esther first met when they were both living in Harlem. On their first date, Esther boldly took Marty’s hand as the pair crossed Fifth Avenue. Esther claims she wasn’t being forward, but rather she was scared to cross the street. Smitten already, Marty said to her at the end of that evening, “I’m going to marry you.”

“I told him, ‘you’re crazy,’” said Esther recently, conceding with a smile that it turned out they were both right.

Glen Arden - Esther & Marty Schwager
Esther & Marty Schwager

Marty and Esther, barely out of their teens in 1941, were on a date in a Manhattan deli when news of Pearl Harbor came on the radio. Marty enlisted and was to head overseas as an infantryman after training. But, not before he wed the love of his life. Marty proposed and the couple wed, with Marty in full uniform, in a simple ceremony on March 28, 1943. He shipped out not long after.

When Marty returned safely, the Schwagers moved to the Bronx and had three children. Marty worked at the Post Office before eventually landing a job in the court system. Esther stayed home and raised the kids, the couple upgrading apartment sizes as they could. Esther says that through good and “the not so good,” the couple has kept on doing everything hand in hand.

The couple settled into Westchester County by the time their children had grown and in the 70s embraced healthy lifestyle habits, including jogging, that they both attribute for their longevity. Marty and Esther retired in their 60s and stayed active with volunteer work, mentoring high school students and helping out with several charities. Again, always hand in hand. Since moving into Glen Arden, the Schwagers have enjoyed frequent visits from their children and seven grandkids.

“We fell in love when we were so young and we have never fallen out of love,” said Esther, who also shared the Schwager formula for lasting love. “We never went to sleep without a good night kiss. We were never ashamed to apologize.”

Everyone at Glen Arden wishes Marty and Esther Schwager a very happy anniversary.

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