Lifecare Retirement Community - Glen Arden in Orange County, NY

How many times have you heard the term “expect the unexpected”? As contradictive as this statement may seem, it is something that we should all live by. There are many things in life that take us by surprise that we are completely unprepared for, and as strange as it sounds, it is important to plan for what we can’t plan for. At Glen Arden, we strive to educate our community on the value of life care and teach them how to plan for the future.

What is Life Care?

Life Care is a contract that promises priority access to short-term or long-term care in our community, should you need it, at a predictable cost. Life Care offers significant savings over the average cost of private nursing care. This will ultimately give you peace of mind in knowing that your future is secure, and you can spend your time enjoying your life in the present.

How Does it Work?

Here at Glen Arden, there is a one-time Life Care entrance fee followed by the same, predictable monthly fee. As the costs of long-term health care go up, your monthly fee remains the same no matter your level of care. This provides you with asset protection and peace of mind that you will continue to receive the care you need in the same community where you are comfortable. It’s important to note that not every Continued Care Retirement Community offers life care contracts, but Glen Arden is one of them that does.

When Should I Apply?

There’s no time like the present when it comes to planning your future. Life Care contracts require both medical and financial clearance, and you must be able to live independently at the time that you apply. You can’t know for sure what care you will need in the future or how far away that time is, but as soon as you sign up for Life Care, your healthcare will be covered no matter what.

If you would like to learn more about Life Care, visit our website to learn more.

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