Making Friends in Continued Care Communities

In CCRC, now referred to as a Life Plan Community, you will meet seniors of various ages, diverse backgrounds, and distinctive histories. It can be the most interesting and rewarding time of your life. No one over 70 years old seems to have anything to prove.  They are their experiences and our greatest natural resource. Some may be newer to the community and others are already well acquainted with it. Each introduction can be a gift, we have so much to learn from all our residents, if we just listen.

Each person contributes to the community in an important way to help it not only function, but also to thrive. Friendships develop between residents naturally in many situations, encouraged by programming and social interaction. When you are retired, there is time to focus on the important things, like spending time with those you relate to and truly enjoy. Your social life becomes a priority, since you no longer have to worry about work or the burdens of home ownership, instead you can focus on enjoying the time spent with others with no time allotment. Here are a few tips on building friendships so that you can enjoy your retirement alongside others.

Ways to solidify friendships

If you’re worried about making friends as you move into a Life Plan Community, make it a priority to stay active and involved in the community. By being a participant, you will meet more people and have the determination to put yourself out there. This not only helps introduce you to new residents, but it also helps to develop long lasting bonds.

  • Finding activities where you can connect with members of your community such as playing cards, games, exercising, or engaging in community sports is a way you can get to know people.
  • Socializing with others during meals is another great way to break the ice and find things to talk about, starting with food, favorite restaurants, and exchanging stories that relate to those topics.
  • If you want to meet new people but are afraid to do it alone you can invite a close friend to come with you to network together so you can both mingle while having the comfort and security of each other for support.
  • If you want to meet someone in a similar situation, try starting up a conversation with others who are also new to the community so you can both bond over your mutual adjustments to the recent changes and milestones in your lives.
  • Trying to talk to those who have been in the community for a while is also helpful because they can help to guide you and give you advice for this new chapter in your life as they have more experience in the community and can help you to settle in.


Discovering people of “like minds”, mutual interests and hobbies can help you to be an active member of the community and relate to your neighbors. When you direct your energy in a positive way, others will respect and admire this as an appealing quality to have and will draw others to you to form bonds of friendship. When others see your level of participation, this may encourage them to do the same which is a way you can all remain active and vital members of the community.

Glen Arden, a Life Plan Community, offers activities like these plus more to keep residents active and in shape. Check out more of our information online or call us at 845-360-1400 today!