Continuing Care Community Orange County NY

Independence becomes more valued as we age. If considering a move when we’re young, we look for location, the best neighborhoods, the perfect home that suits our needs and often, good school districts. As we age, we not only need shelter, but should consider a move that is close to all that is important to us and in addition it is essential to choose an environment that offers services that are designed to keep us independent longer and free us up from the burdens of home ownership. We should also consider a community that has amenities that will keep us active and engaged. Making the decision whether or not to move out of one’s home and into a Continued Care Retirement Community is a crucial one. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if a CCRC is the right move for you:



Many seniors may find themselves uncertain of how their health may impact their future. Most health emergencies involving seniors tend to occur at home. We are all aware, making decisions in an emergent situation is far from ideal. On top of this, many health services may not be available, or obtainable for some. Often, if one needs Skilled Nursing the State decides where you will go. CCRCs not only offer Independent Living but also Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing on one campus, giving seniors the ability to age in place should their health care needs change. They also have a full array of health and wellness services that are easily accessible. All of this can give seniors and their loved ones the peace of mind we all strive for.


Social Opportunities

Seniors may find that some activities are not as easy to come by as they once were. Social circles can decrease with time and those who do not have social interactions or activities to take part in can have negative consequences on both the mind and body. A key aspect of the CCRC lifestyle is the feeling of community and the full calendar of activities and events they provide to those who may not have had these opportunities before. If one feels they are not as active and productive as they wish or they are lacking the social engagement they once experienced, then CCRCs can be a promising option.


You owe it to yourself to take a tour and speak to a member of our dedicated team. Please consider Glen Arden, a Continued Care Retirement Community, when deciding on moving into a CCRC. Contact us today!