Activities - Continued Care Community Orange County NY

Continued Care Retirement Communities are a great option for seniors who want to stay active and engaged. It is important to stay involved in physical activity, especially during later years in life when certain fitness opportunities and socialization can become more scarce. Living the CCRC lifestyle, seniors feel part of a community and take advantage of all it has to offer, the way they did in their younger years. Here are a few reasons CCRCs help keep residents energetic and in shape:


Fitness Programs

A cornerstone of many CCRCs includes fitness classes created specifically for seniors. Being on a set workout schedule is a great way to get steps in and move around under the supervision of a professional. Programs such as yoga are very beneficial to both mental and physical, both of which can pose risks to seniors in the long and short term. Along with fitness programming, CCRCs can provide tennis courts, swimming pools, and personal trainers to set up a workout tailored for the personalized needs and schedule of that individual.


Social Activities

Staying active and exercising with other people or sharing hobbies and interests with friends is another amazing aspect of CCRCs. There are an abundance of common areas and specialized fitness rooms that residents can use for classes to stay in shape with the added benefit of socialization, which is also very important to maintain as you age. Different social activities such as cards, lectures, theater, art, and hiking are only a few of the opportunities available for residents to choose from.


Glen Arden, a Continued Care Retirement Community, offers activities like these and more to keep residents active and in shape. Check out more of our activities online or call us at 845-360-1400 today!