Continued Care Community Orange County NY

When you make the decision to move out of your home and into a Continuing Care Retirement Community, now called a Life Plan Community, there are important aspects of your lifestyle to consider finding the right fit. Here are five questions you should ask yourself before you choose your Life Plan Community. When you are going through the decision-making process, it is also good to balance the pros and cons to each question.


What are the price points?

A question you should ask yourself is if a Life Plan Community is within your budget. It is prudent to consult a financial planner to ensure your income allows for the lifestyle you’re looking for in retirement. Understanding your budget will allow you to spend your hard-earned money in an educated way.


What is the locality?

The location is another important factor in the decision-making process since you will likely want to live near your friends, family, and all that’s important to you. Being close to loved ones makes it easier to keep in touch with them and maintain your social life beyond the one you will develop in your new community. You will also want to live in an area where you are comfortable with the surroundings and the proximity of all that matters to you, shopping, restaurants, houses of worship, clubs etc.


What are some benefits and services offered?

You should ask yourself if the amenities and services available at this Life Plan Community  meet  your individual needs. If you have a dietary condition that requires special attention, can they address this, if you get tired easily from walking or have a mild mobility issue, can you reserve an apartment near all the common areas and dining options? It is important that your basic necessities are met within the community. You will also want to research the activities to make certain all your interests and hobbies are available. It is also important to look at those activities and events that you may now or eventually like to participate in.


Can I picture myself living here?

When looking for a place to move to, consider the look and feel; The environment and the dynamic of the community is an important factor when choosing the right Life Plan Community for you. You must feel comfortable in your surroundings, aesthetically and personally, it can have a negative or extremely positive impact on your mood, and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life.

 If my needs change in the future, can this community handle it?

Determining what your future will look like and what future you strive for is crucial. You will need to know if the community you want to be a part of has the tools necessary for you thrive. In addition to your social-emotional well-being, consider your future medical needs and how your family medical history could impact your future in advanced years. It is critical that if your medical needs change, they can handle those changes and ask what the charges are. Do they offer Lifecare? This is true protection for you and your assets.



When you do your research and due diligence in choosing a Life Plan Community, you should not only consider what your needs are, but what you’d like your next 15 or 20 years of retirement to look like. Once you do this you can determine if the community has the right combination of amenities, services and medical care if needed, to provide the lifestyle you want in your retirement. This will help you to find a community that will be the right fit for you.

Glen Arden, a Life Plan Community, includes activities, services and amenities designed to keep you independent longer, plus offers the security of a Lifecare contract. Glen Arden could be the perfect community for you. Check out more of our information online or call us for a tour, at 845-360-1400 today!