Technology for Older Adults - Orange County, NY

Technology has had incredible advancements within the past decade, increasing efficiency and allowing people to stay connected. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of life’s greatest moments have been moved online. Social gatherings and family events have been moved to online methods such as Zoom, Webex and FaceTime. For senior citizens, embracing technology can create a stronger connection with loved ones while also staying safe.


Seniors can talk to loved ones face to face.

While a text or a phone call can go a long way, using apps such as Zoom or Webex allows people to see their family and friends. This creates a more personal interaction while also following coronavirus guidelines. This type of communication is also ideal for family members that live far away. Events such as a graduation, a birthday, and much more can be celebrated online!


Technology can improve health and wellness.

New technology has allowed people to track their fitness goals. Products such as Fitbits allow seniors to monitor heart rate, steps, and other physical activity. The internet also allows seniors to book in-person and telehealth appointments which helps them stay on top of their overall well-being.



Seniors can have access to a multitude of entertainment options such as Hulu, Netflix, On Demand, and much more. With endless categories of television shows and movies, seniors will always have something to watch in their down time. Additionally, seniors can use e-readers, use apps such as Words with Friends, and keep their minds engaged. Improving cognitive function helps seniors remain independent as they age.


Basic technological functions offer endless benefits to senior citizens. While it can seem overwhelming in the beginning, guidance from family and friends will provide seniors with the information they need to know.


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