Continuing Care Retirement Community - Glen Arden in Orange County, NY

Over the years we accumulate a lot of treasures, personal items, and other random stuff. You probably found a place in your home where all of this is stashed away and forgotten about; that is until its time to move. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of your belongings and what to do with them. Moving isn’t easy for anyone, especially if you’re at a later stage in your life. Making the right decisions and begin prepared is what will help make your move successful!

Downsizing Tips

Getting Started

As we get older we may not need the space our current home has to offer. It is at this stage in your life where downsizing becomes a great option. By downsizing, you’ll have less space to maintain and clean. This allows you to just worry about what is needed to make you comfortable. Less space also mean less room for your belongings. At this point, you will need to sort everything out and make some decisions on what will stay and what will leave. This can be tough for some people, but you just need to remember its all for the better and will be worth it in the end.

How Much Room Do I Need?

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean moving into a small bedroom with just enough space for a bed. In fact, it can be the complete opposite of that! Here are the floor plan options you can choose from at Glen Arden. With so many different options, its easy to choose the one that will give you plenty of space to live your life to the fullest. Deciding on the right floor plan is a big decision and can take some thought. Some things to take into consideration is if you plan on having guest stay over, maybe the grand kids or other visiting relatives. You also need to think about if you would like an extra room for an office or maybe a room for your prized drum set. Once you have found the perfect space, its time for the big move.

Move In Day

Now that you’ve made it to the final step of moving in you can start to relax and visualize yourself in your new home. With family and friends all there to help, it makes it a special day to be with everyone and to have their support. After making everything feel just like home, you will soon realize the benefits of downsizing and the ease of living at Glen Arden.


If you’re planning on selling, moving, and downsizing, then join us at our pro expo on March 14th right here at Glen Arden. The event begins at 2pm and there will be refreshments served. Come with your note pad and questions because our pros are here to answer anything you need. Call today to RSVP 1-800-914-4051