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As the holidays approach, the staff at Glen Arden is determined to make this year special for all residents, despite the pandemic that may keep them from visiting family from far away. This year has challenged us to innovate ways to keep residents in touch with their families, without being able to physically touch. We are ready to take what we’ve learned to bring some holiday cheer to the Glen Arden community with the support of technology. Fret not though, there are still safe and enjoyable ways to include all members of the family this holiday season, using the convenience of technology!

Using Zoom Calls

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Zoom calls have been the primary way of remote communication.  We assist residents in maintaining contact with loved ones through the use of video calls, whether that’s with one person or with a Brady Bunch panel of smiling faces. Our staff is always available to help set up video chats through Zoom, Google, and FaceTime.

Getting Creative with Zoom

Video chats are the safest way to connect with family during the pandemic, but there is so much more families can do this holiday season to make video chats a fun and engaging experience. Aside from catching up with a face-to-face call, try playing a virtual game like bingo. Challenge the family to a gingerbread house building contest and share pictures of the final product. Finally, one of the best ways to utilize Zoom during the holidays is by passing a recipe through the family. Just set up a laptop, phone, or tablet in the kitchen to have an active virtual bonding holiday experience or simply share a cocktail, a glass of wine or a soft drink and just chat with family or friends.

We hope that you will utilize whatever tools or programs you need to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as enjoying your holiday season! Happy holidays!