Benefits of Technology for Senior Citizens - Orange County, NY

As we continue to move into a technology-driven world, it becomes important for seniors to keep up with advancements that can enhance their daily lives. These devices are providing the freedom to live independently and to continue moving through everyday life with peace of mind. With so many new technologies to keep track of it can seem overwhelming to adapt.  Even though it may not feel intuitive, leaning how to use new technology just takes a little bit of instruction and practice. Here are a few ways seniors can benefit from familiarizing themselves with technology:

It keeps them safe

When an accident happens at home, seniors may not be able to call for help, resulting in a potentially disastrous situation. With technology such as Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), seniors can wear a device that allows them to call emergency services. Devices like these give peace of mind to both seniors and family members in the case of an emergency.

Social interactions

 Staying connected with family and friends is vital to avoiding loneliness. Socializing is made easy with mobile devices, tablets and computers. When seniors have their own smartphone, they can video chat with friends and family to establish a more personal connection. Also, social media apps such as Facebook keep seniors updated on community events and people.

Physical activities

 Many exercise programs are available online for seniors to use. Simple chair routines, Pilates, weights and other forms of exercise are on YouTube for seniors to follow along. These simple activities can be incorporated into a daily routine to get moving.


 Online shopping has increased in popularity within the last few years. Not only do people order clothes and items online, but services such as grocery shopping are now available through apps and websites. These services alleviate stress for seniors and save them a trip to the store. Learning how to use these online methods will surely come to any senior’s advantage.

These benefits of technology improve the lives of senior citizens across the country. For practical or personal use, there are many ways technology can have an impact.

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