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Technology for seniors can present new challenges, especially with the number of features, tools, and options at our disposal. With the increasing number of devices to choose from, it can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Understanding the benefits of incorporating technology in our everyday lives can have extraordinary benefits.

Get The Latest News & Updates

Phones and tablets allow us to stay up to date on the latest news. Whether local or national, technology provides unprecedented accessibility to information right at our fingertips. Having a device like a cell phone or tablet provides the benefit of staying up to date with current events.

Keep Memories and Stay Entertained

Snap cute photos of friends, share adorable pictures of the grandkids or simply create memories using the camera application! In addition, most devices nowadays have access to YouTube: a reliable source for recipes, tutorials, and simply searching for anything you’re interested in. Try downloading apps like crossword puzzles and brain games that keep you entertained, while keeping you sharp.

Connect with Family, Friends & Healthcare Providers

These days, one of the easiest ways to check in with friends and family is to hop on a video call. Free services like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom provide the feeling of closeness without needing to be physically in the same place. Sip some wine with an old friend while discussing the latest book you both have read, check in on the grandbabies or even hop on a call with your healthcare provider for a check in. It brings peace of mind knowing help can be accessed right away. Overall, technology brings us closer in a time when we are still adjusting from separation and isolation post-COVID.

Monitor Health & Wellness

With the uprise in technology use, there is an incredible number of apps seniors can utilize. Apps such as: Tile Sticker, GrandPad, and Hero make it easier for us to find mislocated items, play games, listen to music, or even aid in dispensing a senior’s medication at the right time each day!

Technology can be overwhelming; however, the advantages outweigh overcoming the barriers. Seniors can benefit exponentially simply by incorporating technology into their day to day lives

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