Benefits of living at a CCRC in the winter - Goshen, NY

Upon retirement, seniors are faced with a choice of whether to move south for warmer weather to a retirement community, or to stay close to family and all the things that are important to them and fare the cold. Winter is right around the corner, and as December nears, new residents at Glen Arden will experience for the first time how easy coping with the cold weather in our region can be with all the onsite amenities and help from our fabulous staff.

Active Retirement

Throughout the winter, we will work to run organized events safely, such as board games, happy hours and community events. Our calendar will continue to grow with activities to bring residents safely from their living spaces to see friends and continue to foster relationships.

It’s Snow Problem

As the winter weather rolls in, seniors can relax knowing that they don’t have to worry about shoveling or cleaning snow off their car. This small convenience has a huge impact on quality of life for our residents who can continue to go about their day without spending time and energy on snow maintenance. Glen Arden plows snow from the ground and walkways weekly so residents are able to walk safely in the common grounds of the retirement community.

Onsite Amenities

Another benefit of living at Glen Arden during the winter is access to the onsite food stores. The onsite stores allow residents to receive deliveries of milk, bread, and other necessities by simply just calling ahead and requesting items to their specific room. Banking is also available on the Glen Arden campus right in the Glen Arden, so residents can have peace of mind knowing that access to their finances is nearby.

Contact us to learn more about winter living at the Glen Arden retirement community.