When it comes to hobbies, the list of activities that people can become involved in will grow with life experience, but as our abilities evolve with age, they also unfortunately shrink. This can be especially true for seniors as mobility impacts the kinds of activities one is able to do—strenuous activities tend to go down as age goes up. Luckily, there are alternative interests that can cater to people of all abilities while providing socialization, including book clubs. Here are a few benefits that a book club can provide:

Mental and Emotional Health

Being in a book club or a writing club can have a positive effect on brain health and help increase memory and cognitive function. Reading or writing can not only engage the mind to recall details from short-or long-term memory, but it can also encourage conversation with others and improve stress levels and mood. All of us love a good book and discussing it. Fortunately, independent living communities like Glen Arden host a wide assortment of activities and gatherings, including book clubs or writing clubs, while residents maintain independence and look for new and exciting endeavors they can become involved with. 

May Prevent Health Conditions

Seniors who stay busy with stimulating activities tend to have lower rates of Dementia. Book clubs are no exception, as the mind is the only muscle that gets a workout by the discussion and reading that comes along with joining. Glen Arden assists with club creation by actively finding and recommending activities that residents can join to be a part of a community. 

Meet New People

One of the most important benefits to consider is the sense of community a book club or a writing club can provide. It’s a chance to meet new people, talk about common interests, and build lasting relationships. One of Glen Arden’s best qualities is respecting independence while also building a community for all residents to be a part of.

Glen Arden, a continuing care retirement community, offers many activities like this and more all with the emphasis on keeping residents independent longer. Learn more about Glen Arden online or call us at 845-360-1400 today!