Assisted Senior Care at Glen Arden in Orange County, NY

Once you have lived in a community for a few years, you have made a few good friends, found your daily routine, and have found comfort in your surroundings. Leaving the community that you love when your care level changes can seem like a nightmare, but if you enter a continued care retirement community with a life care plan, this nightmare does not have to become a reality. Aging in place is possible at Glen Arden, and we explain the benefits of life care plans at continued care retirement communities below.

What is a Continued Care Retirement Community?

Continued Care Retirement Communities or CCRC’s, are the best long-term care option for adults who want to stay in one place as they age. They offer different types of living such as independent living, assisted living, and a skilled nursing area. This option allows for you or a loved one to stay in one community and grow there.

Life Care Plans at CCRCs

Life care contracts ensure that you receive long-term care in our community at a fixed, predictable cost, no matter how your level of care changes. CCRCs are designed for residents to age in place and having a life care contract on top of that can give you peace of mind that you always know exactly what you will pay every month. Life Care contracts ensure that you have unlimited, lifetime access to the care you need, at no additional cost, not matter what. Combining life care contracts with a CCRC is exactly what you need to ensure that you can age in place in the community that you love.

Glen Arden is Orange County, New York’s premier continuing care retirement community. Learn more about what makes us one of New York’s top Life Care retirement communities.