Senior Health and Exercise in Orange County, NY

While it is beneficial for older adults to establish a workout routine, it is important to do exercises that are safe and effective for that stage of life. Many mainstream exercises are meant for younger people that are looking to lose weight or put on muscle. Here are a few exercises we recommend, and a few to avoid:

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics are a great option for older adults that experience arthritis and joint pain, as the water decreases stress put on joints during the exercise. Water Aerobics increases strength and flexibility through exercises such as aqua jogging, arm curls, and kicks.


This low-impact form of exercise focuses on core strength, breathing, and alignment. In older adults, Pilates has been found to improve balance and flexibility.

Body Weight Exercises

Many senior citizens experience muscle loss, which can be counteracted through body weight workouts. This exercise requires no equipment and has very simple movements like squats to a chair, step ups, and glute bridges.

A few exercises to avoid over the age of 65 would be :

  • Bench Press
  • Rock Climbing
  • Distance Running
  • Power Cleans
  • Squats with weights or dumbbells

These exercises can result in overexertion on the body that may not be healthy for older adults.

At Glen Arden, we offer a variety of exercise classes that are safe and beneficial for our residents. These classes are held year round for optimal wellness, no matter the weather.