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Top Four Benefits:

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Utilizing Long Term Care Premiums

The best way to put your Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance to work is with a Fee for Service contract at Glen Arden, a continuing care retirement community. Fee for Service contracts are priced to give you the most flexibility in choosing a floorplan that best suits your needs. Make use of those premiums and get the return you deserve!

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Keeping Couples Together

It is comforting to know that at Glen Arden you can always be together. We understand that couples age at variant stages and require different levels of care. Our Independent Living Apartments, Enriched Housing Community and Skilled Nursing Community are all under one roof making it easy to keep couples together. You can easily stroll to see your loved one at any time and enjoy each other’s company.

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No Need To Downsize

Downsizing and looking for a new home are easy when moving to Glen Arden. You can keep your treasured belongings with your choice of the many spacious residences Glen Arden has to offer. A Fee for Service contract and our 1,240 sq. ft. home option will be the most cost-effective combination with your long-term care insurance. With plenty of space and LTC insurance on your side, our St. Lawrence floor plan will fit right into your new lifestyle.

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Fee for Service 90% Refundable Contracts

Your Fee for Service contract at Glen Arden is 90% refundable to you or to your estate. This is the highest level in refundable contracts perfectly complimenting your Long-Term Insurance coverage. You will have the ultimate flexibility in planning for your future with this contract option. Enjoy a maintenance free life-style in your early retirement years and change responsibilities to opportunities.


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View Our Floor Plans

 St. Lawrence Floor Plan

The St. Lawrence

2 Bedrooms, Den, & 2 Baths
Approx. 1,240sq. ft.

 Niagara Floor Plan

The Niagara

2 Bedrooms & 2 Baths
Approx. 1,000 sq. ft.

 Hudson Floor Plan

The Hudson

1 Bedroom, Den, & 1-1/2 Baths
Approx. 860 sq. ft.

 Erie Floor Plan

The Erie

1 Bedroom, Den, & 1-1/2 Baths
Approx. 860 sq. ft.

 Catskill Floor Plan

The Catskill

1 Bedroom Deluxe & 1 Bath
Approx. 700 sq. ft.

 Adirondack Floor Plan

The Adirondack

1 Bedroom & 1 Bath
Approx. 500 sq. ft.


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